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Design Process


Feasibility Studies, Existing Conditions Field Measurements.


This is the initial phase of Basic Services.  It is the purpose of this phase to specifically define, in text and in graphic representation, the requirements and proposed solutions of the project.  Possible solutions are illustrated through the development of site planning sketches, building floor plans, building elevation studies, building sectional studies, perspective drawings, as well as, 3-D electronic and physical models.  These tools are used in defining the scope and feasibility of the project.  An initial statement of probable construction cost is prepared at the completion of this phase.


The purpose of this phase is to further investigate and describe the scope and character of the project, developing and refining the design direction of the Schematic Design Phase. The drawings evolve to be more specific in nature, describing in greater detail the use of materials and construction systems. A better informed and more specific statement of probable construction cost can be developed during this phase.


During this phase, construction documents necessary to accurately price and to construct the project are generated. The Construction Documents include Drawings and Specifications, outlining materials and techniques, required for proper construction of the project. The Architect oversees and coordinates consulting engineering services; such as Structural systems and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection systems. The Architect may also engage special consultants, as required by the specific needs of a project; such as Historical, Acoustical, Theatrical Lighting and Theatrical Systems, Security and IT, Energy and Performance Commissioning, Landscape and Interiors.


Qualified contractors are reviewed and selected for direct negotiation or competitive bidding of the project. The Architect answers Contractor’s questions and clarifies any construction issues, based on the Construction Documents and field conditions. The Architect may review and qualify construction bids from Contractors. This phase may also include the preparation of the Agreement Between the Owner and Contractor for construction of the project.


Regularly established meetings are conducted throughout the duration of construction, during which the Architect reviews the work of the Contractor, to assure conformance with the Construction Documents; to clarify details of the Construction Drawings and Specifications; to address discovered conditions and generally to oversee the Progress of the Work. The Architect may also review Product Submittals, Samples, Shop Drawings, Applications for Payment and Change Order Requests submitted by the Contractor. At the Completion of Construction, the Architect will prepare a final Punchlist and review close-out and Warranty Documents.

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