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What sets us apart is our people. Leading our designs, listening, interacting and working closely with our clients to create great places. We are creative, inquisitive, passionate, sensitive, responsible and entrepreneurial. We know we create something better collectively and enjoy working together and collaborating with all of our team members; including design partners, owners, contractors, engineers and specialty consultants.

We do much more than simply share an office and work together; we serve on community boards, we volunteer in our schools and community organizations, we are active in our churches, we lead youth sports programs and we serve on municipal governmental bodies.  We are active in sports, we labor on old houses, we travel, we garden, we keep bees, some of us even farm. We are much more than a collection of people sharing an office, we are a family and a community.


Tippetts/Weaver strives to create thoughtful, responsible, artful and unexpected architectural solutions; that meet the unique needs of our clients. We endeavor to create and preserve timeless spaces that lift the spirit and make people feel good about where they live, work and play.


Tippetts/Weaver aspires to be a regional leader in providing meaningful architectural solutions; without limitation of project type, building material, construction method or project scale; while consistently striving for positive transformative community impact.


Client Centered Design Solutions.

Unrelenting Attention to Detail.

Stewardship of Resources and Responsible Building Practices.

Create Spaces that Lift the Spirit.

Support and Elevate our Community.

Celebrate Success and Have Fun!

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