Oley, Pennsylvania

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Renovations to a gem of a historic Georgian 1804s residence along with construction of additions and a connector to a utilitarian 1818 stone structure. The challenge was to design spaces that met the requirements of a modern lifestyle and a large extended family, while being sensitive to the relationship of the new construction to the existing historic Georgian structure.

The two and one-half story Georgian building sits forward on the site of the proposed additions, giving it the prominence that it deserves. We purposely held the height of the additions lower than the original structure and broke down the massing of the additions so that the scale of the new addition did not overwhelm the original structure. Efforts were made to distinguish the new construction from the historic construction by simplifying details and using wood frame construction finished with wood siding to complement the original stone structures; both materials prevalent in residential architecture of the Oley Township. Construction was completed in 2010.