Intercourse, Pennsylvania

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Tippetts/Weaver collaborated with Thomas Commita Associates and David Miller Associates, and the client, Good Enterprises Ltd. on the development of a Master Plan for a 32 acre tract of land in the Village of Intercourse. The proposed development is to provide continuity in design, complementing the village streetscape and the architectural character, including proportion, massing, scale and materials.  T/Wa's focus is to create opportunities for traditional community living, working, shopping, dining, housing and recreation for the Village of Intercourse by encouraging development that occurs in a traditional pattern of mixed-use and housing.

Ultimate development plans include expansion of existing retail and business uses along Main Street, and the addition of a number of mixed use structures (retail below and residential above), an antique and farmers market, a restaurant and banquet facility, and two hotels.  Renovations to two of the buildings along Main Street were completed in 2010 (The Good Cooking Store), and 2011 (The Good Scoop).