Boyertown, Pennsylvania

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Tippetts/Weaver worked as a consultant on the development of the Boyertown terminus combining both active freight service and working yard with tourist passenger service, community park space, vehicular parking and a new or reused station, integrating the development into the framework of the existing town of Boyertown. Consideration was given to connections through the site from main thoroughfares to significant Boyertown buildings/activities; connecting retail areas to municipal offices serving the borough.  The plan recognizes and celebrates the history and significance of rail in the town of Boyertown; incorporating a new station (approximately of the same size and in the location of the historic station) and preserving the Phoenix Crane. 

The “ghosting” of the rail sidings have been incorporated in the plan to serve as diagonal paths across the site while also informing the user of the historical circulation patterns on the site of the rail; providing educational value in “telling the history of the site”. The station will provide an important community amenity, and serves as the focal point of the development.