New Carriage House for Historic Lancaster Farm
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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Situated on a generous 80+ acre horse farm in rural southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; this project included site master planning and construction of a new carriage house, an open-air connector, terraces, pool, and various utility structures. The character of the new structure is very sympathetic to the original brick farm house, but provides a more open counterpoint to the original house; eroding boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and including broad views of the surrounding rural landscape.

The new carriage house addition is sited on axis with the kitchen in the original farm house and the site organization also sets up an axial relationship to the main aisle of the stable barn and riding arena, beyond. The original house and carriage house structure are linked together by a covered stone terrace and a second story wooden ‘bridge’, connecting the second floors of each structure.

The first floor of the carriage house addition contains a three bay garage, kitchen, bath and breezeway. Along the east wall of the kitchen, a large pocketing glass door assembly enables the space to completely open up to the exterior terrace, allowing the indoor and outdoor space to become one for entertaining. The stone terrace connects the structures to a pool and spa. The second floor of the carriage house serves as a personal spa retreat; including a small gym, hot tub, sauna and cold plunge tank. The connector between the two structures creates an outdoor living space, oriented around a large fireplace, at the first floor with an open deck space above.

While the building is stylistically traditional, it was constructed with state of the art HVAC and technology systems and was carefully studied for energy efficiency and sustainability principles; including a super insulated envelope and frost-protected shallow footing systems.